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Just purchased a beautiful feu Kelly Bag from Jemznjewels. I have been dealing with Rachel for over ten years and have been extremely pleased with my purchases, as well as a few sales. She is highly responsive and has a discerning eye for beautiful things.

by: G.P. on 11/10/2016

I have been buying jewelry and bags from Rachel for more than 10 years. She is a pleasure to work with as she is so knowledgeable about luxury items and so anxious to help her clients. I have recently purchased rare, one of a kind designer jewelry and am thrilled with everything about those purchases. I'd recommend Rachel and Jemznjewels to anyone who is looking to buy or sell the best.

by: J.A. on 10/04/2016

I purchased an authentic Hermes Alezan matte crocodile 22CM SO Kelly from Rachel. The transaction was completely seamless. The bag arrived quickly and it was exactly as described. I am working with her on another high dollar purchase; she accepted a brief payment plan on the item. It's allowing me to get my grail bag.:) I have also consigned items through her too.To date, I have been very satisfied both as a buyer and consigner.

by: C.R. on 10/04/2016

Hermes. Cartier. VCA. Tiffany. Chanel. Prada. Exotic Handbags to platinum watches, earrings and scarves. Jemznjewels has both provided treasures and enabled me to recycle pieces I've outgrown. Rachel has NEVER let me down. Whether a purchase for ME! or for as a (brand) boxed gift, Rachel has a beautiful selection. Her descriptions are 'spot on' and I trust her completely.

by: D.T. on 10/04/2016

I have been client of Rachel's for over 10 years. Having bought several Hermes bags from her. I never have to worry about the authenticity of what I am buying from Rachel. Only the best of the best makes it to the Jemznjewels site. My latest purchase is a Chanel Deauville Canvas Tote in pink and Red. What a wonderful fun bag for summer. I am pleased beyond words. My only complaint ever is looking at the Jemznjewels site is that an item I really want has already been sold. And that is due to the quality and personal service you receive from Rachel!!!

by: C.M. on 06/14/2014

I have been buying bags and jewelry from Rachel for close to 10 years . She has access to the most amazing pieces and researches every one. I am never worried about the authenticity. I have shared the site with a number of friends and Jemznjewels is our favorite little secret!

by: S.S. on 06/10/2014

I received my beautiful diamond Trinity de Cartier exactly as promised. Rachel was lovely to work with and I am so happy with the ring! Thank you!

by: B.Z. on 06/04/2014

When you are looking for luxury goods, look no further...not only does Rachel offer hard to find luxury goods but most importantly, she offers A+++ customer service in every way!!!

by: A.S. on 05/21/2014

My navy Chanel bag is INCREDIBLE. I LOVE IT. This was my first purchase from Jemznjewels and I cannot wait to buy again!!!!!! It's so much better than you described and I now have my first Chanel! Thank You.

by: E.T. on 05/21/2014

Gold and Diamond Bracelets AND Rings; Tods, Hermes, Chanel bags; Cartier Watches and Hermes too(!); My husband jokes I could easily retire on the amount of money we've 'saved' buying from Rachel over the years. She has NEVER let me down. The quality, the condition and the service are all extraordinary! Thank You.

by: D.T. on 05/21/2014

My deepest gratitude to Rachel at Jemznjewels, truly a class act. Thank you for your expertise and kindness, and the tremendous success you had in selling my Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Prada, Dior, D&G bags and shoes. The Barenia Birkin you sold me is still one of my prized possessions! I never have to worry or even ask "authentic". Your word is your bond. Look forward to future purchases/sales! All the best.

by: H.W. on 05/16/2014

Thank you very much. My hermès scarf arrived in France today, it´s perfect. I'm very satisfy by this. You are very professional. Thank you very much Rachel for the happyness in my mothers eyes for the mothers day !!!

by: P.C. on 05/13/2014

I am so excited about my new Vintage Rolex watch that I found on Jemznjewels. Being a new client, Racheal made the process so easy for me. I am now obsessed with what treasures I will find next.

by: A.R. on 05/08/2014

The Chanel ring is beautiful! Thank you for the smooth transaction and fast delivery. Will look forward to continued relationship with you!!! Keep it up!

by: J.L. on 05/02/2014

First time dealing with Rachel and it was indeed a smooth and delightful experience. Thank you for the beautiful birkin, and for getting it to me swiftly, hassle-free and well-packaged. Looking forward to more dealings in the future! Thank you!

by: L.X. on 06/10/2013

Jemznjewels is definitely one of the best places to get your bags. I've bought so many bags from Rachel because she is the best around. Ever so patient , she understands me so well! My items always come so immaculately packed and they arrive so quickly ! I simply adore her!

by: C.L. on 06/10/2013

I had a wonderful experience selling my birkin through Jemznjewels. I shopped my bag around to numerous resellers and Rachael was the only one who was willing to work to get me what I was asking. I also requested, a black croc birkin, and I must say, she worked hard. She found two, however, they weren't the right color hardware. Communication was great and she was very responsive. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with Rachael in the future.

by: R.A. on 05/09/2013

I have been a client of Rachel's for nearly ten years. She accepts and sells only the best and I have never been disappointed. The best part about working with Rachel is that she knows and understands the luxury market at many different price points, and it shows, given the unique handbags and jewelry she represents on her site. Everything is chic and in great condition. Rachel's site is my go-to when I am buying and selling. There is seldom a need to go anywhere else. Great service and great lady!

by: M.E. on 05/02/2013

The Birkin is beautiful. Thank you for taking so much time with me.

by: J.H. on 03/07/2013

The Manolo Blahnik shoes are perfect. Will never pay retail for my size again now that I have found you!

by: E.H. on 03/07/2013

Best website ever. You are my daily additction!

by: N.N. on 03/07/2013

Thank you for the great Chanel bag. It's in much better condition than the description. Can't wait to buy again.

by: A.T. on 03/07/2013

LOVE love LOVE my new Birkin! Thank you for getting it to me in time!

by: L.B. on 03/07/2013

I have been working with Jemznjewels.com for over 10 years, I have bought I have sold and I have made a great friend in Rachel. I am always checking the site for new items and have never been dissappoined when I open up my purchase and peek inside. And... I have made a few bucks in the process.

by: K.R. on 03/07/2013

Buying and selling luxury bags, shoes and jewelry can be a very tricky business, but when you're working with Rachel, there's nothing to worry about. She has great taste, realistic prices -- and fabulous clients, who give her some of the most amazing finds that are ALWAYS authentic. I've probably bought and/or sold 20 bags with her, and I'm always satisfied.

by: L.D. on 03/07/2013

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