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*Think you have something you’re ready to sell but you’re still on the fence?  Wondering if an item of yours might be a “must have” for someone else?   Why not let Jemznjewels test the waters for you without having it leave your closet?  Our Closet Confidential service is a perfect solution.  Here’s how it works:  give us information on the description and condition of your goods and we will consult with you on an agreeable price.  Then, Jemznjewels will list your item(s) to our clients in our Closet Confidential section, and if one of our clients indicates interest in purchasing it, we will get in touch with you to see if you are ready to sell.  Your price is set and it is up to you to decide to let it go or not!  Sales are contingent on condition and description accuracy.

See something here you want to buy from In The Closet?  Email us and we will give you the pricing details and all the relevant information!  As always, authenticity and condition guarantees apply!  Remeber to see what is in Closet Confidential you have to be a member and log in!

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Cartier Jewelry

Chanel Bag In Metallic Gold OR Silver Any Size

Chanel Bags All Sizes

Hermes Kelly Bag in a 40cm Any Color

Hermes Kelly Bags In All Sizes

VCA Alhambra Collection Pieces

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