What To Write About?

By now, the new face and design of Jemznjewels.com has been seen by over 25,000 people.  We launched the new look in late December and it has been so well received by friends, old and new, savvy internet shoppers and fashion insiders.  Thank you to everyone who has weighed in with words of encouragement, creative suggestions and feedback all of which contributed to the new look and feel of Jemznjewels.com!  Now all of you please stop your nagging about a blog!  It’s here!  And you asked for it!  So now you will have to read all about my travels in the world of fashion, designer resale and all things related to cooking, tween girls, hot yoga and running and the occasional personal anecdote related to none of the above.  I will write about the fashion I see on the streets of NYC, chic bags and jewelry worn by my amazing clients, the occasional peek inside a closet or jewelry box or any other thought or dream that pops into my brain.

I promise to mostly write about bags, jewels, shoes, fashion and resale– but don’t say I didn’t warn you that I might go off on a “whatever is on my mind” tangent!

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